First in Google search – NOW

Why Google Advertising?

Google advertising provides you with instant results. This is why it is one of the most popular forms of advertising because it shows your product or service only to those users who are searching for it. With proper optimization of ads and content on the landing page, your website can easily be ranked first in search results.

Ads will only be displayed for keywords that are determined to be relevant after extensive analysis. You determine the advertising budget, and we strive to achieve maximum results with it.

The main advantage of Google ads is that they are displayed to users who are already searching for them, so no other form of advertising is necessary. However, it is necessary to understand the needs of people in the right way in order for the ads to be effective. Therefore, we conduct extensive research before placing them. We use the best tools available to us to get the best possible information about competition, user needs, and demand.

Google advertising also allows targeting based on location, interests, gender, and age… For example, if your furniture store is in New York City, it makes sense that your ad is displayed only in NYC or even more specifically, only to residents of the Upper East Side.

This way, you will reach potential customers who are actually interested in your product or service, and people from other cities or regions won’t be visiting your store unnecessarily.

Determining the budget and its allocation

As we have already mentioned, you determine the monthly budget amount yourself, and we suggest how to use the budget. Google offers several advertising options, and the most popular are:

  • Search ads
  • Ads on banners that appear on other websites and portals
  • Video on YouTube

If your business is new and people haven’t heard of it yet, banners and YouTube ads are a great way to introduce your audience to your company. People are more likely to pay for something they are familiar with and have already heard of than something completely unknown to them. Therefore, the advertising strategy and budget allocation are crucial for success.